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New Skills for New Jobs!!

If you want to get a job or sustain where you are, you definitely need new skills. Then sky is the limit for the fabulous opportunities. Covid-19…. the sound itself horrified many fields. Be it is education or IT profession, it devastated every sector. It changed the world, life, employment, what not… everything.
Internet usage, in particular, has greatly increased with digitization. Many industries have seen a slowdown. As a result employment opportunities have declined.

On the other hand, emergency goods and services such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, edtech and FMCG have gained momentum. Many new opportunities are available in these fields. In order to get these jobs new skills are needed. If you want to get jobs in 2021, let's find out the skills that are required.

Work from home
In the present situation most of the companies are following the digitization approach. Implementing work-from-home approach for staff and reducing are the costs. Companies are expected to adopt a work-from-home or hybrid approach (some days from home, some days in the office). Therefore, every employee should be aware of ‘Digital Skills’. Candidates with skills in web technologies, cybersecurity, internet usage are likely to get jobs. Therefore, experts suggest that candidates who are about to enter the job market after completing the courses should be mentally prepared for new approaches like work-from-home as well as enhancing digital skills.

The world has been moving towards the digital revolution over the past few years. With the corona,it gained more momentum. In the past, automation and robotics were found only in very limited fields. But now there is a situation where automation and robotics policies have to be followed in every field. Domestic companies are also recognizing and implementing the need for advanced technology. Steps are being taken towards achieving high productivity at low cost through technology. It provides opportunities for those with technical skills such as robotics, mechatronics, IoT, data architect, networking, software coder.

High Order Thinking
Creativity, problem solving ability, fast decision making, strategic thinking, etc. are high order thinking skills. Experts say that this year (2021) companies will tend to hire people with creative thinking and decision-making abilities. These skills are essential for solving complex and critical problems in emergencies. Such expertise contributes to business development in the present era. These skills are needed not only for top executives who make strategic decisions, but also for front-end staff to work effectively in difficult situations.

Analytical Skills
Analytical skills are useful for perfect planning and taking the right decisions. Companies always prioritize staff with these skills. It is possible to make the right decisions by analyzing situations, data, and consumer behavior. These skills are essential in tasks such as financial planning, production development, customer satisfaction, etc.

Social Skills
Social skills are crucial for working with colleagues, coordinating with company goals, and creating a positive work culture. Companies want social skills in their staff. Ideas such as clarity, positive attitude, business goals, and transparency are needed. Most of the corporate sectors have to work with teamwork approach. That is why companies prefer candidates with social skills and team skills.

Learning - Growth
Another major skill that companies want in employees is continuous learning. In today's world, automation is very important everywhere. In addition, companies feel that a growth mindset is needed among employees. Growth mindset refers to positive traits such as risk-taking ability, interest in innovation, and creativity. Companies offer opportunities for those with similar skills. Companies suggest that the employee should constantly upgrade his/her skills to adapt to ever-changing technology, job work and circumstances. So if the candidates want to get a job in a good company and sustain with what they have achieved, they have to sharpen and upgrade their skills from time to time.
Published date : 26 May 2021 12:47PM

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