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Maths and Physics are key subjects for Engineering Students

It is argued that students who have completed B. Tech without Maths and Physics will face difficulties in research and innovation especially for those who want to research abroad.
As a result, Research & Development activities in the country are likely to be affected adversely. At the Engineering PG level, for students of circuit and core branches it is difficult to excel without understanding Maths and Physics. For example, without Physics and Maths in B. Tech it is considered difficult, to excel in subjects like Wireless Communications and RF Signals in M. Tech.

Research Abroad
In order to join MS courses in countries like USA, Canada, Australia,it is mandatory to study Maths and Physics from tenth class to graduation. In addition, questions are being asked based on mathematics in the GRE, which is considered the standard test for admission to MS courses. Some other foreign universities are also considering GRE subject tests as qualifier. So, students are required to score in these subject tests according to the specializations they intend to study at the PG level. In such a case students who want to study Mathematics related courses must score in GRE Mathematics Subject Test. This subject test have questions from topics such as calculus, algebra, and discrete mathematics. If you want to get through, experts opine that you should practice these topics with MPC group at Intermediate level.

Job market
Students who have completed B. Tech without Maths and Physics are difficult to survive in the job market. For example, in the current technology era, automation based activities are going on. Robotics, data analytics, quantum computing, coding, 3D design and printing are gaining importance. If you want to excel in these areas, Programming and coding skills are becoming crucial. These require mastery in mathematics and physics as well as application skills. Subject matter experts say that such skills are only available to those who have studied Maths and Physics to the fullest in Intermediate level.
Published date : 30 Mar 2021 02:50PM

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