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Job opportunities growing with AI, Automation Courses

New technology is evolving every day to meet changing needs. The job market is also changing accordingly. Let us know about new jobs and career opportunities by learning emerging technologies.
Technology is creating innovative jobs, especially in the areas of IT, education, training, e-commerce, retail, banking, finance and insurance. A recent survey by an online company found that Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and allied technology are changing the course of jobs. The new job profiles and new work environment are also being innovated, according to the survey.

Although jobs such as data entry operators, accounting, book keeping, payroll clerks, administrative, executive secretaries, and factory workers are still needed, the latest surveys predict that many innovative job profiles are becoming available because of modern technology.

According to a recent report by Gartner, a leading international research and advisory firm, 1.8 million employees will lose jobs worldwide due to Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI). At the same time 2.3 million new, high-value (new) jobs will be created. The same report predicts that will be available at the same time. According to the Gartner report, 5 lakh new jobs will be created in the IT, education, e-commerce, retail, banking, financial services and insurance sectors.

Another popular online job portal recently opined that the Artificial Intelligence, Automation and allied technology revolution will radically change the course of jobs, creating new work styles that have never been heard of or seen before. This survey says, the year 2020 will be a testament to new and changing jobs.

Top five jobs
In today's technology-based industry the top five jobs are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cyber Security, Big Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Development and Operations. The new generation is of young professionals. So, if they are ready to learn new technologies, it is for sure that they can compete with the world easily.

Innovative Jobs
According to the latest surveys and estimates, many new job profiles are likely to be available. They are… Chief Growth Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief of Customer Success, Chief Operating Officer, Customer Delight Officer, Head of Customer Relations Management, Community Mobilizer, Innovative Officer. It is exciting and very new, even to hear about the names of these job profiles. These jobs will have the potential to change the work culture and environment in the offices as well.

Changes and challenges
With the introduction of technology like AI and automation, it is expected that there will be many challenges along with changing jobs. Especially in the ultra-modern culture.The creativity, professional sensitivity, social, traditional and moral culture will also be changed. As the diverse work culture prevails, the corporate companies need to encourage the employees in that way. These employees need to learn new skills as faster as possible.

US News Survey Report says that in 2020 there will be growth in employment in the healthcare sector. It collected data on nearly 200 jobs from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to this, science and mathematics related will have bright future.
Published date : 15 Jul 2020 03:07PM

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