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To grab the job, certificate courses are important for engineering candidates

B.Tech is the course where millions of candidates are joining every year. These include students from all disciplines, from core branches to CSEs that provide employment in the software field. Everyone’s goal is getting a job in the corporate after completing B.Tech.
Everybody wants salaries in lakhs. But, in today's digital world, the situation of getting a job with an engineering degree is not that easy. Companies are looking for candidates with the latest technology and skills. So, students need to acquire modern skills that are related to their branch. Let us know about the certificate courses that are useful for B. Tech students and hone their skills suit for the job market.

No matter how much subject knowledge the engineering candidates have, they can get a job only if they have advanced skills. From the software to manufacturing sector, all the disciplines are now based on the latest technology. This creates a need for B. Tech students to pursue short-term courses that offer the latest skills appropriate to their branch.

CSE- The latest skills
Awareness on Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things are important for CSE students.

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Big data
Analyzing customer information, their purchasing style, interest, is Bigdata. Reporting Bigdata is gaining preference for professionals. Certification courses related to Data Analytics are available for a period of 3 to 6 months. By completing these, one can acquire the skills of Data Scientist, Technical Architect, Data Engineer, Grid Computing Engineer etc.

Another key skill for CSE students in terms of resources is cyber security. Monitoring the security of online activities can be termed as cyber security... Cyber security stands to guard Computers, network systems, software programs, data theft (hacking). From small operating onlinecompanies to multinational companies, there is a need for cybersecurity experts. There are several certification courses available for cybersecurity. Cisco SeasonA Security; CCNP Security; CCIE Security; Easy Council Certified Ethical Hacker, Institute of Information Security Courses, Certification Courses offered by Data Security Council are important.

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Artificial Intelligence
Now looking at any field, the crucial thing is technology advancement, especially, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML). Most companies follow AI, ML, which operates fast and efficiently based on artificial intelligence. Companies are laying the groundwork for those with these skills. Currently there are several short term certification courses available for AI, ML. Companies like IBM, Intel, Google, Microsoft are offering online courses in AI. The duration ranges from a month to four months. If you complete these and pass the relevant exam, you will get a good recognition in the job market. Short-term courses are also available in our country under the Artificial Intelligence Association of India.

Cloud computing
Another skill that enables CSE students to access opportunities is cloud computing. This technology, which enables Internet-based services, has now become a key part of the software industry. Students can join courses such as Cloud Infrastructure Design and Cloud Visualization to acquire cloud computing skills. These are provided by companies like Oracle, VMware and CCNA. Courses such as Information Security and Ethical Hacking, Red Hat Certified Engineer, Web Designing, Borland Database Engine, etc. are also useful certifications for CSE and IT Branch students.
Published date : 31 May 2021 06:54PM

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