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Clean energy sector opens for green career - 15 lakh jobs in future!!

In the job market, the newest employment platform for job seekers is Clean Energy Sector. This is the sector that will grow five-fold in the future and provides suitable jobs from Diploma to PhD holders.
The department that stands as care of address for millions of jobs is Clean Energy Sector. This sector is advancing with pace and is at the forefront of job creation. Estimates from many companies and survey statistics say so. Here is a special article on opportunities in the clean energy sector and the requisites for the employment.

Clean ?Energy means it is the process of producing energy and energy resources without the possibility of carbon emissions, without the risk of environmental pollution. Clean energy is part of renewable energy. Over the past few years, governments around the world have been focusing on the production and consumption of environmentally friendly energy resources. The production of energy and energy resources, as well as the basic resources required for them, are also expected to be made pollution free.

Governments are providing incentives to companies that produce energy and energy resources through clean energy policies. Taking steps to protect the environment. As a result, the clean energy sector is expanding. Fuel products such as petrol and diesel are no longer in a position to meet human needs. As a result, governments as well as large corporate companies are investing heavily in the clean energy sector for future needs. Hence the demand for professionals in this field is increasing. So job aspirants can expect massive job creation in the future.

Clean Energy in other fields as well
Clean energy activities are becoming crucial in the fields of power generation as well as agriculture and healthcare. In agriculture, many facilities have been made available for cultivation with solar power instead of diesel. In the same way, technology is coming into use in the electronics segment for minimal carbon emissions. Taking all these into consideration, it is possible that many jobs will be available in the power sector as well as other sectors.
- Prof. Chandrasekhar Sharma, Department of Climate Change, IIT-Hyderabad

Solar, Wind, Hydro
Leading segments in clean energy are Solar Power Generation, Wind Power Generation, and Hydro Power Generation. Electric vehicles and green vehicles manufacturing companies, which have been widely heard in the transport sector in recent times, also belong to the clean energy category. The sectors that make products with zero carbon emissions and zero pollutant emissions are called clean energy sectors.

15 lakh jobs
According to various company statistics, with clean energy activities expanding, millions of jobs are available in this segment.

According to a recent FICCI report, clean energy companies will play a key role in the recovery of the economy and the creation of new jobs in the post - Covid period. 15 lakh new jobs will be created through these companies.

According to figures released by NRDC-CEEW a year ago, by the end of 2022, one million jobs will be available on a temporary and permanent basis in the solar, wind and power sectors alone.

By the end of last year (2020), India had the strongest growth in the clean energy sector compared to the previous four years. Accordingly, three lakh jobs were created last year.

Cleantech Exchange Mission
Our country is also signing agreements internationally as part of Clean Energy Innovation. Last month, Clean Energy Innovation unveiled an international policy called the Clean Tech Exchange Mission. As part of this mission, 23 countries, including India, will jointly conduct research and development activities related to clean energy. With this, there are signs that foreign opportunities are also available in this segment. The CleanTech mission aims to continue research and innovate to identify clean energy sources. As a result, the mission will provide high-level employment opportunities, mainly in the design and development sectors.

Diploma to PhD
Jobs are available at various levels to perform duties in clean energy companies. Opportunities open from Diploma to PhD holders. Those who have specializations in various fields related to science and engineering can get jobs in solar, wind, biomass and hydro power projects in the field of clean energy.

Job profiles
Biologists, Ecologists, Electronics and Communication Engineers, Structural Engineers, Software Engineers are some of the job profiles. They are required to design, monitor, and execute tasks using technology in the workplace, specifically for a project. Jobs such as Plant Supervisors, Panel Technicians and Technicians are available at the entry level. B. Tech or M. Tech is the minimum qualification for jobs such as engineers. Companies are hiring candidates who have completed Diploma and ITI for jobs like Supervisors, Plant Technicians.

Traditional graduates
Clean energy companies used to prefer technical and science graduates. But now, as the activities of the companies are gaining momentum, jobs in Administration, Client- Relations, Accounts are available in the respective companies. Positions such as Communication Officers, Business Development Executives, Finance Officers are also available.

Big Data jobs
In industry 4.0 Skills, key positions like Big data, Data analytics are available in clean energy sector companies. Data analysts are required to perform activities such as data analysis, taking into account organizational policies and operating costs. They need to constantly work to compile and consolidate data related to the respective resources so that the organization's operations can run smoothly.

Entry level jobs with a starting salary of Rs. 40,000 per month
In the field of clean energy, Engineer/ equivalent can get a salary of Rs. 40,000 per month at entry level. In the R&D category, you can earn a salary of over Rs. 1 lakh.

Entry level technicians are getting an average salary of up to Rs 20,000.

Join relevant courses for job skills in Clean, Energy, Solar, Wind, Biomass, Hydro Power and e-Vehicle companies. Geology in B. Tech level, Energy and Environment, Civil Engineering, Energy Studies, Geo-Informatics, Environmental Geology, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Atmospheric Physics, Petroleum Energy, Ecology specializations are available in M. Tech level. These courses are available at IITs and other engineering institutes.

Employment platforms
At present, the main sources of employment in the field of clean energy are the Central Government, the Power Generation Corporations under the respective State Governments as well as the private sector energy production companies.

Clean ?Energy- Highlights
  • India is the third largest country in the world in clean energy initiatives
  • Opportunities in Solar, Wind, Hydro Power Generation, E-Vehicles
  • Jobs like project supervisors and R&D professionals
  • Many leading private companies are operating in the clean energy sector
  • NDRC-EEEW reports that one million jobs will be created by 2022
  • According to FICCI, E&Y reports, there are 15 lakh jobs in post-Covid conditions
Published date : 16 Aug 2021 01:42PM

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