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The course in Naval Architecture primarily relates to the design, construction or maintenance of all types of marine vessels such as ships, boats, oil and gas tankers, containers, passenger ships, ferries etc.

Courses Offered
BE course, duration: 04 year
(10+2) or equivalent examination with physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English as separate subjects.

1. Andhra University College of Engineering
2. IIT, Kharagpur
3. IIT, Chennai
4. Kochi University of Science and Technology.
5. Institute of Shipbuilding, Goa

Source: CBSE
**Disclaimer: The list of courses and that of Institutes/Universities is in no way exhaustive. These lists are only illustrative and are expected to generate enough curiosity in the child to want to inquire/explore further on the scope, possibilities, avenues, etc. for each of these courses and/or for looking for other options/areas that go beyond these courses. It may also be noted that most of these courses are also offered by several private institutions/universities. The reader is expected to further research on this. Efforts will be made to update the content to the extent possible.
Published date : 25 Mar 2019 05:50PM

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