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Intermediate : 1st Year Zoology Model Paper-2


VSAQ. ANSWER ALL                                                                 10 X 2 = 20
1) Differentiate between Protostomia and Deuterostomia with examples of phyla.
2)List out any four sacred groves in India.
3)What are retroperitoneal organs
4)Distinguish between a tendon and a ligament.
5)What is metagenesis? Animal belonging to which phylum exhibit metagenesis ?
6)What is the function of radula? Give the name of the group of molluscs which do not possess a radula.
7)What is a kinety?
8)What do you mean by parasitic castration? Give an example.
9)From which substances ‘Smack’ and ‘Coke’ are obtained?
10)What is cyclomorphosis? Explain its importance in Daphnia.
Answer any 6 Questions                                                                6 x 4 = 24
11)What is the ‘evil quartert’?
12)Explain Haversian system.
13)Write short notes on the salient features of the anthozoans.
14)Name the four hall marks of chordates, and explain the principal function of each of them.
15)Name the following animals
a) a limbless amphibian
b) Largest of all living animals
c) Animal possessing dry and cornified skin
d)National animal of India.
16)Give an account of pseudopodia.
17)Describe the process of longitudinal binary fission in Euglena.
18)Explain the pathogenicity of Wuchereria.
Answer any 2 of the following..                                                   2 x 8 = 16
19)Give an account of the formed elements of Blood.
20)Describe the life cycle of Plasmodium vivax in man.
21)Write an essay on temperature as an ecological factor.
Published date : 11 Jul 2021 05:20PM

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