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How to calculate AP EAPCET 2023 Combined Score

APEAPCET 2023 ranks will be given based on combined score of inter marks and EAPCET marks. Check below the calculation process for combined score.

As APSCHE has informed that 25% inter weightage will be considered for giving AP EAPCET 2023 ranks, students should know the procedure to claculate the combined score.

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How to calculate AP EAMCET 2023 Combined Score?

The combined score is calculated taking 25% marks of inter score and 75% marks of EAPCET score. Example is illustrated below.

Example: If a student has scored 500/600 in the intermediate exam and 130/ 160 in AP EAPCET. His combined AP EAPCET score will be 81.77. See the process below:

As 25% weightage is given to intermediate scores, the inter weightage will be (500/600)*25= 20.83
AP EAPCET scores have a weightage of 75%, therefore the score will be (130/160)*75= 60.94
The combined scores for AP EAPCET will thus be 20.83+60.94= 81.77.

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Published date : 17 May 2023 03:43PM

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