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Visa Information to Study in Germany

Important documents are to be presented at the German Embassy / Consulate of student origin country.
  • letter of admission from the German university,
  • health insurance policy,
  • proof of any academic credits gained or examinations passed,
  • proof of any German language skills you may have or of your plans to take a language course in Germany,
  • documents that prove how you intend to finance your living expenses while you are studying (proof of sufficient financial resources).
A national Visa is issued for stays lasting longer than three months (for example, to attend a preparatory course at a Studienkolleg or to study a full programme).

After arriving in Germany, most foreign students need a residence permit.

Most foreign students – except nationals of EU and EEA countries – must, after arriving in Germany and having reported to the registration authority, go to the foreigners authority in their university town to apply for a residence permit for the purpose of studying.

Following documents are important to be present at the foreigner’s authority:
  • Your confirmation of registration issued by the registration authority
  • Proof that you have private or statutory (public) health insurance
  • Student ID-card from your university
  • Possibly, proof of sufficient financial resources – if not already verified when the visa was issued Valid passport
  • Money to pay the residence permit fee (please ask your foreigners authority in advance how much the rates are).
As per DAAD information, Student applicants who have not yet been admitted to a German university can apply for a Student Applicant Visa, which is valid for three months, after that it can be converted into a residence permit for the purpose of studying once student have been admitted to a higher education institution.

The websites of the Federal Foreign Office also contain detailed information on the visa process and on entry to Germany as well as application forms in various languages for downloading.

Students Living In Germany
Student has to contact Student services of his selected University, as Student Services operate their own halls of residence that offer value-for-money accommodation for students and maintain a file with the addresses of private landlords and landladies.

Many Student Services sell Service Sets for foreign students; it can be booked via the Internet before student come to Germany. In general, a Service Set will include accommodation, meals and health insurance.

The cost of living in Germany is quite high in comparison with many countries in Asia, Africa or Latin America. It is important to keep a bit of money in reserve.
Published date : 21 Oct 2011 06:00PM

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