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Who won the Sanctuary Lifetime Service Award 2020?

S. Theodore Baskaran is a writer, historian, naturalist, and activist who has won the 2020 Sanctuary Reserve Lifetime Service Award. The award was established by the Sanctuary Nature Foundation.
  • Theodore Baskaran was selected for the award for his dedication to wildlife protection. He won the award for his writing ability in English and Tamil for his contribution to the protection of discourse.
  • In the context of inspiring young naturalists, he was also selected for the award. Theodore believes that any conservation initiative should be expressed in local languages to promote the people's movement.
  • He won the Lifetime Achievement Award (IyalVirudu) for writing a book on nature in Tamil. The award was awarded by the Canadian Literary Park in Toronto in 2014. Some of his English books include: "Dance of the Sarus: Essays of a Wandering Naturalist; Book of Indian Dogs and A Day with the Shama: Essays on Nature.
  • Theodore Baskaran was born in Tamil Nadu in 1940. He is an Indian film historian and wildlife conservationist. He completed his school at St. Johns College in Palayamkottai. He received a bachelor's degree in history from Madras Christian University in 1960. He worked as a researcher at the National Archives of Tamil Nadu.
  • In 1964, he joined the Indian Post Office as the head of the department. In the Indo-Pakistani War in Shillong in 1971, he also served as the "War Effort Special Officer." He is prolific in Tamil. Baskaran's Tamil works include VaanilParakkumPullelam and Kal Mel NadandhaKaalam.
Published date : 18 Feb 2021 05:00PM

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