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Swiss: First Airline to Use Solar Fuel

Swiss: First Airline to Use Solar Fuel
Swiss: First Airline to Use Solar Fuel
  • Swiss Air Lines, the subsidiary of Lufthansa, plans to become the world’s first airline to use solar fuel.
  • Lufthansa and Swiss have started strategic cooperation with the manufacturer Synhelion for market launch.
  • This year, in Jülich, in Germany’s North-Rhine Westphalia state, the first plant for industrial production is to be built. In 2023, Swiss will be the first customer.
  • Under this deal, the Lufthansa Group and Swiss will help in developing the commercial fuel production facilities in Spain that have been planned by Synhelion.
  • Technology has been developed for producing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from renewable energy sources by Synhelion, a spinoff from the Swiss Institute of Technology in Switzerland. Syngas (synthesis gas) is produced by concentrated solar heat, which can then be converted into kerosene. According to the airline, when the solar fuel is combusted, it will only produce as much carbon dioxide as it went into making it, helping to reduce aviation emissions.

Published date : 03 Mar 2022 05:59PM

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