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List of Nuclear Power Plants in India

India has 22 operational nuclear reactors with an installed capacity of about 6,780 MW. The nuclear energy programme in India was launched around the time of independence under the leadership of Homi J. Bhabha.
List of Nuclear Power Plants in India

India is the only developing nation to have indigenously developed, demonstrated and deployed nuclear reactors for electricity generation. India has nuclear ores from which a total of about 78,000 tonnes of uranium metal and about 518,000 tonnes of thorium metal can be extracted. If the entire uranium resources are first used in natural uranium–fueled pressurized heavy water reactors (PHWRs), it is estimated that about 420 GWe-yrs of electricity can be produced. Even at an installed nuclear power capacity of 500–600 GWe, the country's nuclear resources will be able to sustain its electricity generation needs far beyond the extinction of its coal deposits.

The first nuclear power reactors built in India were two BWRs at Tarapur, constructed by GE as turnkey projects through Indo-US cooperation. Asia's first nuclear reactor is the Apsara Research Reactor situated in Mumbai. 

Nuclear Power Plants in India 2022- Operational

Power Plant Location Operator Type  Total Capacity (MW)
Kaiga Karnataka NPCIL IPHWR-220 880
Kakrapar Gujarat NPCIL



Kudankulam Tamil Nadu NPCIL VVER-1000 2,000
Madras (Kalpakkam) Tamil Nadu NPCIL IPHWR-220 440
Narora Uttar Pradesh NPCIL IPHWR-220 440
Rajasthan Rajasthan NPCIL



Tarapur Maharashtra NPCIL



Total 7,480

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Nuclear Power Plants in India 2022- Under Construction

Power Plant Location Operator Type  Total Capacity (MW)
Chennai (Kalpakkam) Tamil Nadu BHAVINI PFBR 500
Kakrapar Unit 4 Gujarat NPCIL


Gorakhpur Haryana NPCIL


Rajasthan Unit 7 & 8 Rajasthan NPCIL


Kudankulam Unit 3,4,5 & 6 Tamil Nadu NPCIL


Total 8,000
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Nuclear Power Plants in India 2022- Planned Projects

Power Plant Location Operator Type  Total Capacity (MW)
Kaiga Karnataka NPCIL IPHWR-700 1,400
Jaitapur Maharashtra NPCIL EPR 9,900
Kovvada Andhra Pradesh NPCIL AP1000 6,600
Kavali Andhra Pradesh NPCIL VVER 6000
Gorakhpur Haryana NPCIL IPHWR-700 2,800
Mahi Banswara Rajasthan NPCIL IPHWR-700 2,800
Chutka Madhya Pradesh NPCIL IPHWR-700 1,400
Chennai Tamil Nadu BHAVINI FBR 1,200
Tarapur Maharashtra   AHWR 300
Total 32,400

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