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Accelerate Vigyan Scheme: SERB

Recently, the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), has launched a scheme called Accelerate Vigyan (AV) to strengthen scientific research mechanisms in the country.
Key Points
  • Objective: To give more thrust on encouraging high-end scientific research and preparing scientific manpower, which can lead to careers in research and knowledge-based economy.
  • Vision: To expand the research base, with three broad goals i.e. consolidation/aggregation of all scientific programs, initiating high-end orientation workshops, and creating opportunities for research internships.

  • ABHYAAS Programme: Under it, AV is inviting applications for the winter season (December 2020-January 2021).
  • It is an attempt to boost research and development in the country by enabling and grooming potential PG/PhD students by means of developing their research skills in selected areas across different disciplines or fields.
  • It has two components: High-End Workshops i.e. KARYASHALA and Research Internships i.e. VRITIKA.
  • This is especially important for those researchers who have limited opportunities, access to facilities and infrastructure.
  • SAMMOHAN: It has been sub-divided into SAYONJIKA and SANGOSHTI.
  • SAYONJIKA is an open-ended program to catalogue the capacity building activities in science and technology supported by all government funding agencies in the country.
  • SANGOSHTI is a pre-existing program of SERB for the organisation of workshops.
  • Execution: An Inter-Ministerial Overseeing Committee (IMOC) involving all the scientific ministries/departments has been constituted for the purpose of supporting SERB in implementing the AV scheme.

  • Capacity Building: The database of skilled manpower developed across different disciplines through all the sub-components of the AV would help in capacity building.
  • Social Responsibility: The scheme also seeks to garner the social responsibility of the scientific community in the country.
Published date : 03 Jul 2020 03:11PM

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