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Engineering and Pharmacy girl students learn new skills and don Event Management

Hyderabad, January 06, 2020: A four-day 7th International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education is being held in the city at Anurag Group of Institutions (AGI) Campus at Venkatapur.
A unique thing seen at the conference was the active involvement of the students in each and every aspect of the event… escorting guests, guiding delegates, on-site assistance, coordination with different teams, stage management etc. ‘Kriya Passionate Events’ is a 75 member strong team in-house event management team comprising of Engineering and Pharmacy students from different streams at the Anurag Group of Institutions campus here at Venkatapur, near Medially, Hyderabad. The team comprises of 35 boys and 40 girls. It is a students’ club.

Dr. Tara Singh, Coordinator for Kriya Passionate Events and the Physical Director of Anurag Group of Institutions giving details said that all events at the institutional level are handled by the Kriya team. The students are from the Engineering faculty and few from the Pharmacy faculty too. The students are chosen on criteria of communication skills, academics, discipline and attendance. The kids are given training before every event on different aspects. Usually around 2-3 sessions are held prior to an event, he informed.

The students are involved in planning and executing an event. The involvement of the students in the events gives them an outlook on planning all aspects of events catering to large crowds and an idea of what challenges to expect. It gives them an education of a different kind where they learn by doing. Our kids are prepared to handle any size or style of event, boasts Mr. Tara Singh.

Event Management is not new to us. All of us have experience of handling family events such as Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries and Marriages. Life is a full of events. In this modern world event politicians and criminals released on bails treat their release as a big event and seek lot of public attention

Events play an essential role in our life, be it in business or social life. It gives an opportunity to develop versatile skills and handle different situations, said K. Bhavya, 3rd year ECE student. We get instructions on subjects such as hospitality, communication, etc. Being a part of the event management team gave me an opportunity to learn to interact with new people in a better way and learn teamwork.

Poojitha Reddy, 3rd year ECE student said that managing events I learnt that one can't control everything but one has to make the best of what you can in that short time.

To bring out the best experience, is what event management taught me, said Srikrishna, Final year Pharmacy student. I learnt to interact with people, handling without hindering, crisis management, time management, patience and most importantly coordination, he said.

In recent times we have volunteered at events such as India Joy, SHRM APAC, TEDx Hyderabad, College Cultural Fest, Orientation, Clubs Inauguration, etc. We were also involved in TEDx Hyderabad event held in September 2019 in city.

Student Clubs are a great way to help develop character and the skills that will benefit students while studying, in their career, personal, professional and social life. Skills like commitment, leadership, effective communication, and being able to work successfully in a group all come from participating in a club. Students clubs at Anurag Group of Institutions . transforming the student learning experience while pursuing their studies.
Published date : 06 Jan 2020 06:48PM

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