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World Rainforest Day: Celebrating Our Planet's Green Guardians!

World Rainforest Day: Celebrating Our Planet's Green Guardians!

World Rainforest Day is an annual celebration dedicated to raising awareness about the vital role rainforests play in our planet's health. It's a day to honor these irreplaceable ecosystems and take action to combat deforestation.

Date: June 22

Theme 2024: Empowering the World in Defense of Our Rainforests
History: First observed in 2017, World Rainforest Day has become a global platform for promoting rainforest conservation efforts.

Forest Man of India: Jadav Payeng, an environmental activist, is a true champion of rainforest conservation in India.

India's Rainforest Treasures:

  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Home to lush tropical evergreen forests teeming with biodiversity.
  • Assam: Untamed beauty with unspoiled rainforest escapes.
  • North Western Ghats: Moist deciduous forests boasting rich flora and fauna.
  • South Western Ghats: Species-rich regions of the Deccan Peninsula with a diverse range of rainforest ecosystems.
  • Brahmaputra Valley: Semi-evergreen forests known for their fertile alluvial soil.
  • Odisha: Breathtaking semi-evergreen forests offering a visual treat.

Forest Cover in India:

  • 17th India State of Forest Report (ISFR) 2021: Released by the Forest Survey of India (FSI).
  • Madhya Pradesh: Leads the nation with the largest forest cover area.
  • Mangrove Cover Increase: A positive sign, with Indian mangroves increasing by 17 sq km.
  • Don't forget!  March 21st is  International Day of Forests. Let's celebrate and protect our vital forests all year round!

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Published date : 22 Jun 2024 05:22PM

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