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World Bank Report: ‘Water For Shared Prosperity’

World Bank Report: ‘Water For Shared Prosperity’
  • The World Bank’s report, ‘Water For Shared Prosperity,’ unveiled at the 10th World Water Forum, delineates the critical role of water in fostering equitable societies amidst global water access disparities exacerbated by population growth, urbanization, and climate change. It highlights the urgency of comprehensive strategies to ensure inclusive water security worldwide.
  • Shared prosperity, as per the World Bank, involves bolstering economic well-being, particularly for marginalized segments, through four interconnected building blocks: Health and Education, Jobs and Income, Peace and Social Cohesion, and Environment.
  • 197 million lack safe drinking water; 211 million lack basic sanitation.
  • 450 million reside in high-poverty, low-water-access areas.
  • Less than half of schools in low-income countries have water access.
  • The forum is crucial for elevating water issues on the political agenda and fostering actionable solutions.

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Published date : 28 May 2024 04:53PM

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