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ISRO successfully launches LVM 3 -M3 rocket with 36 satellites from Sriharikota

  • India's LVM 3 -M3 satellite with 36 satellites of the One Web India - 2 mission took off from the second launch pad of the Sathish Dhawan Space Centre Sriharikota successfully
  • The 43-metre-tall launch vehicle successfully completed the three stages in the prescribed time limit including the involvement of the ignition of the cryogenic engine.
  • The datas are being tracked by the ground stations at Thiruvananthapuram, Lucknow and Bangalore stations and also at the ship station at Antarctica.
  • The first 16 satellites of the one web India - 2 series were placed at the right orbit as planned, the remaining 20 satellites will also be positioned soon.
  • The use of the cryogenic Mark 3 engine has proved successful and the extremely challenging manoeuvres of the satellites were done in a remarkable manner. It was one of the heaviest payloads and the nine sequential events were successful to the dot.
Published date : 27 Mar 2023 03:54PM

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