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March 26th Current Affairs GK Quiz: Top 10 GK Questions and Answers

March 26th Current Affairs GK Quiz Top 10 GK Questions and Answers

1. How many million dollars of loan has been signed by the Government of India and ADB?
181 million dollars.

2. Which Union Minister has launched the new service PB-'Shabd' of Prasar Bharati?
S. Jaishankar

3. The fifth and sixth ships of the ASW SWC (GRSE) project have been inaugurated?
‘Agre’ and ‘Akshay’.

4. Which state government has decided to change the name of Ahmednagar district to Ahilya Nagar?
Maharashtra Government.

5. Who has been appointed as the new Election Commissioner recently?
Gyanesh Kumar and Sukhbir Sandhu.

6. An agreement has been signed between India and which country in the field of food security?
Between Bhutan.

7. Inter-Governmental Framework Agreement has been signed between India and which country?
Between United Arab Emirates.

8. An agreement worth Rs 8733 crore has been signed between the Defense Ministry and whom?
Between HAL.

9. What is the rank of India in the Global Human Development Index?

10. Which state government will construct a building in Kashmir?
Maharashtra State Government.

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Published date : 26 Mar 2024 07:38PM

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