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Excavation Unearths 5,200-Year-Old Harappan Settlement in Kachchh, Gujarat

Excavation Unearths 5200-Year-Old Harappan Settlement in Kachchh Gujarat
  • In a collaborative project involving researchers from Kerala University and various other institutions, a significant archaeological excavation has revealed a 5,200-year-old Harappan settlement at Padta Bet, near Khatiya village in Kachchh district, Gujarat. 
  • Led by assistant professors Abhayan G.S. and Rajesh S.V. from Kerala University’s Department of Archaeology, the expedition uncovered crucial evidence shedding light on the cultural formation of Early Harappan settlements in the region.
  • The excavation unearthed evidence of a Harappan settlement dating back to circa 3200 BCE to 1700 BCE, including circular and rectangular structures made of locally available sandstone and shales.

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Published date : 06 Apr 2024 06:01PM

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