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April 27th Current Affairs GK Bitbank: Top 10 One Word Answers

Current Affairs GK Bitbank  general knowledge questions with answers
Current Affairs GK Bitbank

1. Who holds the title of Ireland's youngest Prime Minister?
Ans: Simon Harris.

2. How much land has India lost to soil erosion?
Ans: 1,500 square km.

3. Which mission earned ISRO the prestigious 'John L. Who has been honored with the 'Jack Swigert Jr.' award?
Ans: Chandrayaan-3.

4. At what age did Peter Higgs, the discoverer of the 'God Particle', pass away?
Ans: At 94 years old.

5. How much prize money will gold medal winners receive at the Paris Olympics?
Ans: 50,000 US dollars.

6. In which country does Dutch NXP Semiconductors plan to expand its R&D presence?
Ans: India.

7. Who has been appointed as the head of global airport operations at Air India?
Ans: Jayaraj Shanmugam.

8. What is celebrated nationwide in India on April 11, 2024?
Ans: National Safe Motherhood Day.

9. Who has been named a whole-time member of the Sixteenth Finance Commission?
Ans: Manoj Panda.

10. Where will the UNESCO World Heritage Young Professionals Forum 2024 take place?
Ans: India.

Published date : 27 Apr 2024 05:50PM

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