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Uttar Pradesh has surged ahead by securing the highest number of Geographical Indication (GI) certified products nationwide

National Current Affairs
National Current Affairs

With the recent inclusion of 15 new items, Uttar Pradesh proudly showcases a total of 69 GI-tagged products, surpassing Tamil Nadu's count of 58.

Leading the GI-tagged goods production is the sacred city of Varanasi, boasting an impressive tally of 30 certified products—the highest from any single geographical area. The GI certification guarantees that these products embody unique representations of specific cultures, societies, or crafts.

Here are the newly added GI-tagged products from Uttar Pradesh:

Banaras Thandai (a refreshing milk-based drink)
Banaras Tabla (a popular Indian percussion instrument)
Banaras Shehnai (a traditional wind instrument)
Banaras Lal Bharwamirch (red chili peppers)
Chiraigaon Karonda (a fruit variety from Varanasi)
Banaras Lal Peda (a sweet delicacy)
Banaras Mural Painting (a traditional art form)
Jaunpur Imarti (a sweet dish)
Mathura Sanjhi Craft (a traditional art form)
Bundelkhand Kathiya Gehu (a wheat variety)
Pilibhit Bansuri (a type of flute)
Sambhal Bone Craft
Chitrakoot Wooden Craft & Toys
Moonj Craft
Rampur Patchwork


Published date : 02 Apr 2024 08:26PM

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