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Silent Valley bird species goes up to 175

Silent Valley bird species goes up to 175
Silent Valley bird species goes up to 175
  • A bird survey conducted at the Silent Valley National Park in the last week of December identified 141 species, of which 17 were new. So far, 175 species of birds have been spotted in Silent Valley.
  • The survey held on December 27, 28 and 29 marked the 30 th anniversary of the first bird survey in Silent Valley. Although the first survey was held in the last week of December 1990, the anniversary could not be celebrated in 2020 December because of COVID-19 restrictions. Veteran birders such as P.K. Uthaman and C. Sushant were the only members in the 7 th survey team who had attended the first survey held in 1990.
  • As many as 30 birders and forest staff took part in the bird survey by staying in seven camps inside the core area of the Silent Valley. Wildlife Warden S. Vinod said that another bird survey would soon be held in the buffer zone of the national park.
  • The survey was held in association with the Kerala Natural History Society.

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Published date : 09 Jan 2023 04:26PM

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