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Pliosaur Discovered in England

Pliosaur Discovered in England
Pliosaur Discovered in England
  • Fossil remains of a giant pilosaur was discovered in England recently. Their discovery is significant discovery due to the enormous size estimation.
  • Pliosaurs, including their short-necked counterparts, were mainly found in the prehistoric seas of Europe. These ancient marine reptiles were well-adapted for life in the water and were built for speed compared to their long-necked cousins, the plesiosaurs. They ruled the seas between 220 and 70 million years ago, leaving a significant mark on Earth’s history.
  • Although pliosaurs are often associated with dinosaurs, they are not classified as dinosaurs themselves. Instead, they are distant cousins of modern turtles. These remarkable reptiles had several distinctive features that set them apart from other marine creatures of their time.

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Published date : 12 May 2023 05:59PM

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