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Nilgiri Marten needs urgent attention

Nilgiri Marten needs urgent attention
Nilgiri Marten needs urgent attention
  • The Nilgiri marten, a rare species endemic to the Western Ghats, faces significant challenges due to habitat fragmentation and encroachment. A recent study sheds light on the precarious situation of this small carnivore and highlights the urgent need for conservation efforts.
  • Despite its rarity, a significant portion of the Nilgiri marten’s habitat lies outside protected areas. Approximately 62 percent of its habitat is at risk, primarily due to development and agricultural activities. This poses a serious threat to the survival of the species.
  • The Nilgiri marten is found in five primary habitat clusters in the Western Ghats, namely Brahmagiri, Nilgiris, Anamalai, Cardamom Hills, and Agasthyamalai. These regions demand heightened conservation efforts to protect the species and its unique ecological role.

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Published date : 24 May 2023 05:39PM

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