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Kyrgyzstan Declares Snow Leopard As National Symbol

Kyrgyzstan Declares Snow Leopard As National Symbol
  • Kyrgyzstan, a country nestled in the heart of Central Asia, has officially declared the snow leopard as its national symbol, signifying a profound commitment to conservation and ecological balance.
  • President Sadyr Zhaparov, through a signed decree, emphasized the snow leopard’s role not only as a symbol of natural wealth and cultural prosperity but also as a vital indicator of the stability and health of the mountain ecosystems that cover a substantial portion of the global territory.
  • Snow Leopard in India:
  • Snow leopards roam across huge swathes of the region’s mountainous terrain, withindividual home ranges stretching from 200 to 2000 km2. This roving, the high-altitude cat is rarely sighted, and because it is so elusive, accurate population numbers are hard to come by, although estimates range from 400 to 700 individuals in India.
  • The Government of India has identified the snow leopard as a flagship species for the high-altitude Himalayas.
  • It has developed a centrally-supported program called Project Snow Leopard to conserve the species and habitats.
  • Currently, Snow Leopard Population Assessment in India (SPAI) is being undertaken by the MoEFCC, Govt of India. WWF India is working with the MoEFCC and the state forest departments of Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim for this assessment.

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Published date : 08 Jan 2024 05:24PM

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