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India Ranks Third in Global Domestic Airline Market

India Ranks Third in Global Domestic Airline Market
  • India has emerged as the world’s third-largest domestic airline market by April 2024, propelled by robust growth and strategic developments under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership. Over the past decade, India climbed from fifth to third place, showcasing the highest average annual growth rate in airline seat capacity globally at 6.9%.

Key Highlights

  • Growth in Seat Capacity: India’s domestic airline capacity reached approximately 15.6 million seats by April 2024, overtaking Brazil and Indonesia.
  • Dominance of Low-Cost Carriers (LCCs): LCCs, especially IndiGo, have been pivotal, with IndiGo doubling its market share to 62% over the last decade.
  • Infrastructure Development: The number of airports in India more than doubled from 74 to 157 in the past decade, accommodating the surge in domestic passengers.

Top 5 Largest Domestic Airline Markets:

  • United States: ~84 million seats
  • China: ~65 million seats
  • India: ~15 million seats
  • Japan: ~12 million seats
  • Brazil: ~10 million seats

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Published date : 22 Jun 2024 05:25PM

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