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6th June, 2024 Current Affairs

6th June, 2024 Current Affairs  generalknowledge questions with answers

India to Host 81st IATA Annual General Meeting in 2025

  • India will host the prestigious 81st International Air Transport Association (IATA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2025, marking its return after a 42-year hiatus. This significant event, scheduled for June 8 to 10, will convene in Delhi, the third time the city has hosted the AGM after 1958 and 1983.
  • IndiGo, India’s leading airline, will serve as the host airline for the AGM and the World Air Transport Summit.
  • IATA’s Director General, Willie Walsh, expressed anticipation for the event, citing India’s remarkable aviation growth. IndiGo CEO Pieter Elbers highlighted India’s rise in the global aviation landscape.

Zupee Collaborates with Gurugram Cyber Police for Cyber Security Awareness

  • In a bid to bolster cyber security awareness, Zupee, India’s largest skill-based Ludo platform, has partnered with Gurugram Cyber Police for the 11th edition of the Cyber Security Summer Internship Program, titled ‘Cyber Warriors’.
  • The month-long internship aims to train selected candidates in cyber security under the guidance of experts, fostering responsible digital citizenship and tackling real-world cyber threats.

77th World Health Assembly

  • The International Health Regulations of 2005 are amended by the 77th World Health Assembly, taking into account 300 recommendations from member states. The purpose of amendments is to strengthen nations’ capacity to anticipate and address pandemic and public health emergencies of global concern. They contain measures to support developing nations in creating, bolstering, and preserving the fundamental capacities mandated by the IHR, as well as measures to enable fair access to pertinent health items during medical emergencies.
  • In its 77th session, the theme for this year’s event is “Health For All: All for Health”.
  • To have a deeper comprehension of the risks to and effects of global healthcare.
  • Key threats to global health are identified in the paper Shaping the Future of Health and Healthcare, along with possible solutions.
  • The World Health Assembly is the governing body of the World Health Organization (WHO), an organization under the United Nations (UN) that is tasked with advancing global health and ensuring that everyone has access to the best possible medical treatment.

Pakistan Launches PAKSAT MM1 Satellite with China’s Assistance

  • Pakistan has launched its second satellite, the Multi-Mission Communication Satellite (PAKSAT MM1), in collaboration with China. This satellite aims to enhance internet connectivity across Pakistan and improve various communication services.
  • The PAKSAT MM1 was launched from China’s Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan province, achieving its planned orbit successfully.
  • PAKSAT MM1 is poised to provide improved internet facilities, enhance television broadcasts, cellular phone services, and broadband connectivity. It is scheduled to commence its services in August.
  • Prior to PAKSAT MM1, Pakistan has launched several assets into space, including satellites like BADR-A, BADR-B, PAKSAT 1-R, PRSS-1, PakTes 1-A, and iCube-Qamar, demonstrating its growing presence in space exploration.

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Science and Technology
South Korea Establishes National Space Agency, KASA

  • South Korea has officially launched its space agency, the Korea AeroSpace Administration (KASA), to lead policy and industrial development in its aerospace sector. The establishment was made possible after the Country’s national assembly passed a special law in January to unify government organizations in charge of space policy and projects. The new agency is based in Sacheon, South Gyeongsang Province, with an annual budget of 758.9 billion won ($556 million).
  • The Korea Aerospace Administration (KASA) will lead the country’s “space economy,” with hundreds of businesses and enterprises working to catapult South Korea into the ranks of the world’s top five space powers, Yoon said.
  • “KASA will usher in a new space era by cultivating experts while intensively supporting the aerospace industry ecosystem and fostering challenging and innovative R&D,” Yoon said. The country’s first lunar lander is planned for 2032.
  • South Korea became the seventh country to own an indigenous space launch vehicle and satellite development technology with the launch of the Nuri rocket in May last year that put a commercial grade satellite in orbit.

Boeing’s Starliner Crewed Mission

  • Boeing and NASA are gearing up for the highly anticipated launch of the Starliner spacecraft’s first crewed flight test, scheduled for June 5 from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. This historic event marks a significant milestone in space exploration, with veteran NASA astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams aboard the spacecraft.
  • Despite setbacks, the upcoming mission signifies a crucial step towards establishing routine crewed operations for Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft. Following successful testing and operations, Starliner could become a reliable transportation option for NASA’s missions to the ISS.

Indian Athletes Shine at Taiwan Athletics Open 2024

  • Nayana James, an Asian Athletics Championships bronze medalist, etched her name in glory by clinching the gold medal in the women’s long jump event at the Taiwan Athletics Open 2024 held in Chinese Taipei.
  • The Taiwan Athletics Open 2024 witnessed a brilliant performance from Indian athletes, with several other medal achievements:
  • Ankesh Chaudhary won the gold medal in the men’s 800m race, clocking an impressive 1:50.63, outpacing compatriot Somnath Chauhan, who claimed the silver medal.
  • Dev Meena secured the silver medal in the men’s pole vault event with a height of 5.10m.
  • In the men’s javelin throw, DP Manu clinched the gold medal.
  • Nithya Ramraj won the silver medal in the women’s 100m hurdles.
  • Vismaya VK bagged the bronze medal in the women’s 400m race.


Siddhalinga Pattanashetti Wins GudleppaHallikeri Award 2024

  • Poet and playwright Siddhaling aPattanashetti has been chosen for the prestigious Gudleppa Hallikeri Award for 2024 by the Gudleppa Hallikeri Memorial Foundation, Hosaritti (Haveri District). Veeranna Chekki, senior trustee of the Gudleppa Hallikeri Memorial foundation of Hosaritti, haveri District announced.
  •  This is the 19th award and will be presented in the honour of the birth anniversary of GudleppaHallikeri on 6 June.
  • The GudleppaHallikeri Award honors those who have made significant achievements to literature, society, or social service. It bears the name of GudleppaHallikeri, a well-known liberation warrior who shared Mahatma Gandhi’s beliefs.
Published date : 06 Jun 2024 05:56PM

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