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25th May, 2024 Current Affairs

25th May, 2024 Current Affairs

DD Kisan to launch two AI anchors AI Krish and AI Bhoomi on 26th May 2024

  • Doordarshan is going to achieve another milestone as after 9 years of immense success, DD Kisan is coming with a new look and a new style among the farmers of India on 26th May 2024, where the presentation of the channel is going to be in a new avtar.
  • In this era of 'Artificial Intelligence', Doordarshan Kisan is going to become the first government TV channel of the country, where all eyes are going to be on an AI anchor. Doordarshan Kisan is going to launch two AI anchors (AI Krish and AI Bhoomi). These news anchors are a computer, which are exactly like a human, or rather, these can work like a human. They can read news 24 hours and 365 days without stopping or getting tired.
  • The farmer viewers will be able to see these anchors in all the states of the country from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu and from Gujarat to Arunachal, these AI anchors will provide every necessary information about agricultural research happening in the country and global level, trends in agriculture mandis, changes in the weather or any other information of government schemes. One special thing about these anchors is that they can speak in fifty languages ​​of the country and abroad.
  • DD Kisan is the only TV channel in the country, which has been established by the Government of India and dedicated to the farmers. This channel was established on 26 May 2015.
  • The objective of establishing DD Kisan Channel was to always keep the farmers informed about the changes in weather, global and local markets etc., so that farmers can make appropriate plans in advance and take right decisions on time. DD Kisan Channel is meeting these standards for the last 9 years.
  • DD Kisan channel is also working to bring forward the efforts of progressive farmers to all the people, with the aim of serving the agricultural and rural community in the country and working towards creating an environment of holistic development by educating them.

ICG takes preparatory measures in view of Cyclone Storm ‘Remal’ originating from Central Bay of Bengal

  • Indian Coast Guard (ICG) has initiated comprehensive preparatory measures to ensure minimal loss of life and property at sea due to Cyclonic Storm ‘Remal’ originating in the central Bay of Bengal. It is expected to intensify into a Severe Cyclonic Storm by May 25, 2024. The system is likely to make landfall at North/ North-West Bay of Bengal near West Bengal Coast on the intervening night of May 26 & 27.
  • The ICG has made coordination efforts with the concerned state administrations and stakeholders to facilitate a synchronised response to potential contingencies arising from the cyclonic storm. All pertinent information regarding the evolving situation has been disseminated to stakeholders to facilitate preparedness and coordinated action.
  • The ICG’s Remote Operating Stations at Haldia and Paradip are broadcasting regular and multilingual Very High Frequency alerts, advising transit merchant mariners to take necessary precautions. Additionally, ICG ships and aircraft are conducting surveillance along the projected path of the cyclonic storm to provide timely assistance and support.
  • Nine disaster relief teams have been positioned at strategic locations including Haldia, Paradip, Gopalpur, and Frazerganj, ready to provide immediate assistance in the event of an emergency.
  • The ICG has notified Bangladesh Coast Guard authorities, urging them to undertake necessary preparations and disseminate alerts to fishermen and merchant marine vessels. Merchant vessels at anchorages have been alerted, and respective port authorities have been advised to take appropriate actions. Despite the fishing ban in force, the Fisheries Department has been cautioned to inform country boats in their respective areas about the developing situation.

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10th World Water Forum Opens in Bali, Indonesia

  • The World Water Forum is the largest international gathering in the water sector involving various stakeholders, which has been co-hosted by the World Water Council and a host city. The Forum is held every three years and has been taking place since 1997. The World Water Forum is not just a conference: it includes a three-year preparation phase (preparatory phase), a one-week event (event phase), and a presentation of the results (synthesis phase) with ongoing support for collective action.
  • The Forum brings together participants from all levels and areas, including politics, multilateral institutions, academia, civil society and the private sector, among others. Over the years, the number of people participating in the Forum has grown from a few hundred to tens of thousands, from both the international community and host countries.
  • On 18th to 25th of May 2024, the heads of state, the heads of international organizations, high level government officials, experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and economists from all over the world will share their knowledges, experiences, and practices regarding a wide range of topics related to water. 


World’s Highest Observatory Inaugurated in Chile by University of Tokyo

  • A new telescope billed as the world's highest astronomical site is officially open for business.
  • The Japanese University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory, or TAO, which was first conceptualized 26 years ago to study the evolution of galaxies and exoplanets, is perched on top of a tall mountain in the Chilean Andes at 5,640 meters (18,500 feet) above sea level. The facility's altitude surpasses even the Atacama Large Millimeter Array, which is at an elevation of 5,050 meters (16,570 feet).
  • TAO is located on the summit of Atacama's Cerro Chajnantor mountain, whose name means "place of departure" in the now-extinct Kunza language of the indigenous Likan Antai community. The region's high altitude, sparse atmosphere and perennially arid climate is deadly to humans, but makes an excellent spot for infrared telescopes like TAO as their observational accuracies rely on low moisture levels, which render Earth's atmosphere transparent in infrared wavelengths.
  • TAO's 6.5-meter telescope consists of two science instruments designed to observe the universe in infrared, which is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength longer than visible light but shorter than microwaves.

India Records Positive Growth Among Top 5 World Steel Producers in April

  • India is the only country among the world’s top five crude steel producers to record positive growth in April 2024, according to the World Steel Association. India, the second-largest crude steel producer globally, achieved a growth rate of 3.9% compared to April 2023.
  • World crude steel production in April 2024 was 155.7 million tonnes, a 5.0% decrease from April 2023. China, the largest steel producer, saw a 7.2% decline to 85.9 million tonnes. Japan, the third-largest producer, registered a 2.5% decline to 7.1 million tonnes. The United States, the fourth-largest producer, produced 6.7 million tonnes, a 2.8% decline. Russia, the fifth-largest producer, experienced a 5.7% decline to 6.2 million tonnes.
  • India’s modern steel industry began in 1875 with the Kulti plant near Kolkata. Jamsetji Tata established India’s first modern steel plant, Tata Steel, in Jamshedpur in 1907.
  • The World Steel Association, a non-profit organization representing around 85% of global steel production, was established in 1967 as the International Iron and Steel Institute. It was renamed the World Steel Association in 2008 and is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.
Published date : 25 May 2024 05:11PM

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