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2nd May, 2024 Current Affairs

2nd May, 2024 Current Affairs  national gk for competitive exams  general knowledge quiz

India and Europe to Strengthen 6G Collaboration

  • India’s Bharat 6G Alliance is set to sign a cooperation agreement with Europe’s Industry Alliance 6G, following a similar agreement with the US. This partnership aims to foster collaboration in developing 6G technology.
  • India’s collaboration with both the US and Europe underscores a concerted effort to accelerate 6G innovation globally, with a focus on standards development, research, and market access for Indian firms.
  • The Bharat 6G Alliance’s participation in international organizations such as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) solidifies India’s voice in setting global standards for 6G technology.

Zimbabwe Introduces New Currency Amid Skepticism

  • Zimbabwe has launched a new currency called the ZiG (short for Zimbabwe Gold) in an attempt to address the country’s long-running currency crisis. The ZiG, backed by Zimbabwe’s gold reserves, was introduced electronically in early April and has now been released in banknote and coin form.
  • Despite being the sixth currency since the collapse of the Zimbabwe dollar in 2009, the ZiG is already facing mistrust and rejection from some quarters. Several government departments and businesses are refusing to accept the new currency, preferring to stick with the U.S. dollar, which remains the most trusted currency among Zimbabweans.
  • President Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged Zimbabweans to trust the ZiG, calling it a matter of “national identity and dignity.” However, after decades of economic turmoil and repeated currency failures, many remain skeptical about the new currency’s prospects.
  • As the ZiG enters circulation, its fate remains uncertain, with Zimbabweans torn between the allure of a new currency and the safety of the tried-and-true U.S. dollar.

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China to Launch Chang’e-6 Lunar Probe Carrying Pakistan’s ICUBE-Q Mission

  • China is set to launch the Chang’e-6 lunar probe on a round trip to the Moon, marking a significant advancement in their space exploration. The mission aims to gather soil and rock samples from the far side of the Moon, providing crucial insights into its early evolution and the inner solar system.
  • This will be the first-ever attempt to retrieve lunar samples from the far side of the Moon, a region hidden from Earth’s view.
  • Due to the lack of direct communication with Earth, a relay satellite orbiting the Moon will facilitate communication during the mission’s 53-day duration.
  • Pakistan is set to launch its maiden lunar mission, ICUBE-Q, aboard China’s Chang’e-6 probe. Developed in collaboration with China’s Shanghai University and Pakistan’s Institute of Space Technology (IST), ICUBE-Q carries optical cameras to capture images of the lunar surface.

Kathmandu Tops The List of Cities With ‘unhealthy air’ in the World

  • The Ministry of Health and Population of Nepal has urged residents to wear masks due to the alarming increase in air pollution levels in the Kathmandu valley. According to IQAir, an organization that measures real-time pollution in 101 cities worldwide, Kathmandu has been ranked as the most polluted city globally.
  • Kathmandu tops the list of cities with ‘unhealthy air’ in the world.
  • New Delhi, Chiang Mai (Thailand), Hanoi (Vietnam), Bangkok (Thailand), and Dhaka (Bangladesh) follow in the ranking for most polluted cities.
  • Air pollution can have severe consequences, affecting the heart, blood vessels, lungs, brain, eyes, nose, ears, and throat. It also increases the risk of asthma, cancer, and other diseases. Children under five, pregnant women, chronically ill individuals, and the elderly are particularly vulnerable, accounting for a high number of annual deaths due to air pollution in Nepal.
  • Alarmingly, air pollution has reduced the average life expectancy of Nepalese by 4.1%.
Published date : 03 May 2024 04:07PM

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