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11th June, 2024 Current Affairs

11th June, 2024 Current Affairs  generalknowledge questions with answers  competitive exams current affairs

Centre releases Rs. 1,39,750 crore installment of Tax Devolution to States

  • It has been decided that apart from the regular release of the devolution amount for the month of June 2024, one additional instalment will be released.  This release cumulatively amounts to Rs. 1,39,750 crore in the current month. This will enable State Governments to accelerate development and capital spending.
  • The Interim Budget 2024-25 has a provision of Rs. 12,19,783 crore towards devolution of taxes to States.
  • With this release, the total amount devolved (for FY 2024-25) to States till 10 June 2024 is Rs. 2,79,500 crore.
  • Andhra Pradesh received a total of 5655.72crore towards tax devolution.

Indian tripartite delegation at the 112th session of International Labour Conference (ILC)

  • The Indian tripartite delegation led by Secretary (Labour & Employment), Ms. Sumita Dawra, participated in the 112th session of the International Labour Conference (ILC) of International Labour Organisation (ILO) being held in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • It highlighted the major initiatives of the Government of India towards implementing labour reforms, enhancing social security coverage, providing social security to all, particularly, informal sector workers, promoting female labour force participation and efforts made towards identifying and promoting new employment opportunities.

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India-Qatar Joint Task Force on Investment Convenes in New Delhi

  • In a significant step towards enhancing investment cooperation between India and Qatar, the inaugural meeting of the Joint Task Force on Investment (JTFI) took place in New Delhi. The meeting aimed to fortify bilateral relations and explore avenues for accelerated growth and collaboration across sectors like infrastructure, energy, technology, and innovation.
  • During the meeting, discussions focused on leveraging the collective potential of both countries to tap into investment opportunities across various sectors. From infrastructure development to advancements in technology and innovation, the task force sought to identify synergies that would benefit both nations.
  • With a shared goal of fostering inclusive development, India and Qatar expressed their dedication to working together towards achieving sustainable economic growth and prosperity. The meeting highlighted the importance of collaboration in realizing this vision and strengthening the economic partnership between the two countries.
Published date : 12 Jun 2024 10:07AM

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