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22nd April, 2024 Current Affairs

22nd April, 2024 Current Affairs

Central Government Committee on LGBTQ+ Community Welfare

  • In the landmark Supriyo Chakraborty vs. Union Of India Case 2023, the Special Marriage Act of 1954 was challenged for its exclusion of same-sex marriages, citing a violation of Article 14 of the fundamental rights.
  • Despite the Act allowing marriages between individuals of different religions, it did not extend this provision to same-sex couples. The Supreme Court upheld this exclusion, prompting the government to establish a committee to address the concerns of the LGBTQ+ community without legally recognizing their relationships as marriages.
  • The committee, chaired by Union Home Secretary Rajiv Gauba, comprises six members including secretaries from key ministries. Social Justice and Empowerment Secretary Saurabh Garg serves as the convenor, with representatives from the ministries of Home Affairs, Women and Child Development, Health and Family Welfare, and Law and Justice.

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President  Mohamed Muizzu Set To Win Super Majority In Parliamentary Elections

  • In Maldives, ruling party PNC of President Mohamed Muizzu is set to win a super majority in Sunday’s parliamentary elections, results showed.
  • Muizzu’s People’s National Congress won 66 of the first 86 seats declared, in the 93-member majlis, or parliament, according to the Elections Commission of Maldives results.
  • However, the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party, which previously had a super-majority, was headed for a defeat with just a dozen seats.
  • Parliamentary elections have been crucial in Maldives as elected governments have been keen to secure a majority in parliament to ensure smooth administration, secure the presidential tenure by avoiding parliamentary impeachment, and minimise the politicisation of policies during the presidential tenure.

United States Will Begin Plans to Withdraw Its Troops From Niger

  • The United States will begin plans to withdraw its troops from Niger, US officials said. The planned departure comes as US officials said they were trying to find a new military agreement.
  • The Prime Minister of Niger, appointed by the ruling military junta, Ali Lamine Zeine, and U.S. deputy secretary of state Kurt Campbell, agreed that the two nations would begin to plan the withdrawal of American troops.
  • A US official said there was no timeline for withdrawal, besides talks set to start in the coming days about next steps. Niger plays a central role in the US military’s operations in Africa’s Sahel region.

Meta Unveils Upgraded AI Assistant Powered by Llama 3

  • Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced the launch of the company’s advanced AI assistant, Meta AI, powered by the state-of-the-art language model Llama 3. The new AI offering is designed to enhance the user experience across Meta’s popular apps, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger, while also being available on a dedicated website,
  • Meta AI is expanding its services to over a dozen countries, including Australia, Canada, Ghana, Jamaica, and South Africa, after previously being available only in the United States. The AI assistant has been seamlessly integrated with major Meta apps, allowing users to access its features without switching between different platforms.
  • Moreover, Meta has partnered with tech giants Google and Bing to provide real-time information through Meta AI, ensuring users have access to the latest and most accurate data.

European Astronomers Uncover the Largest Stellar Black Hole in Our Galaxy

  • European astronomers have made a groundbreaking discovery – the largest stellar black hole in our Milky Way galaxy. Named ‘BH-3’, this celestial behemoth has a staggering mass 33 times greater than our Sun and is located a mere 2,000 light-years away from Earth.
  • The existence of ‘BH-3’ was unveiled by the Gaia Space Observatory, a cutting-edge mission operated by the European Space Agency (ESA). Launched in 2013, the Gaia telescope is designed to map the positions, motions, and characteristics of billions of celestial objects with unprecedented precision.
  • Scientists detected the presence of ‘BH-3’ when they observed peculiarities in the rotation of a star in the ‘Aquila’ constellation. This star, it turns out, is locked in an orbital dance around the massive black hole, revealing its existence through its gravitational influence.
  • The discovery of ‘BH-3’ not only expands our understanding of the diverse population of black holes in the Milky Way but also paves the way for further exploration of these enigmatic celestial objects.

Clouded Tiger Cat: A New Species Discovered in Brazil’s Rainforests

  • Scientists have identified a new species of wild cat thriving in the dense rainforests of Brazil. Dubbed the clouded tiger cat (Leopardus pardinoides), this feline marvel has captivated the hearts of animal enthusiasts and conservationists alike, sparking renewed efforts to safeguard the region’s rich biodiversity.
  • The clouded tiger cat inhabits the cloud forests of the southern Central American and Andean mountain ranges, spanning from Costa Rica to Argentina.
  • Its habitat vastly differs from that of its savanna and shrubland-dwelling relatives, highlighting the remarkable diversity of the region.
  • The clouded tiger cat’s discovery underscores the pressing need for greater protection of wildlife and their habitats through sustainable practices.
  • The Amazon rainforest, often referred to as Brazil’s rainforest, is the world’s largest intact forest and a vital component of the global ecosystem.

International Mother Earth Day 2024, Date, History, Theme and Significance

  • On April 22nd, the world will unite to commemorate the 54th International Mother Earth Day.
  • This annual event serves as a poignant reminder of the critical need to address the mounting environmental challenges threatening our planet, including rapidly rising pollution levels, deforestation, and global warming.
  • This year’s theme, “Planet vs. Plastics,” aims to shed light on the detrimental effects of plastic pollution on human and environmental health. The proliferation of single-use plastics has led to a staggering accumulation of waste, clogging waterways, endangering marine life, and contributing to the global climate crisis.

16th World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi

  • The 16th World Future Energy Summit has commenced in Abu Dhabi, drawing together global leaders, policymakers, and experts in sustainable energy and climate initiatives. The summit aims to foster dialogue on key issues like global climate action, renewable energy, energy security, and sustainable development.
  • Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, President and CEO of the UAE Independent Climate Change Accelerators, emphasized the critical need for substantial financial investments to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.
  • The World Future Energy Summit is a crucial event that drives intellectual and corporate development in the energy sector. It serves as a platform for professionals to share knowledge, learn about the latest advancements, and promote evolution in energy-related industries.

Priyanka Goswami-Akshdeep Singh Bag Marathon Race Walk Mixed Relay Paris Olympics 2024 Quota For India

  • Priyanka Goswami and Akshdeep Singh have secured a Paris 2024 Olympic quota for India in the marathon race walk mixed relay event.
  • The Indian duo got the berth after finishing 18th at the World Athletics Race Walking Team Championships 2024 in Antalya Turkiye yesterday. Akashdeep Singh and Priyanka Goswami clocked 3:05:03 to make the cut.
  • A new addition to race walk categories, the marathon mixed relay event will be making its Olympic debut at Paris 2024.  

India’s 17-Year-Old D Gukesh Wins Candidates Chess Tournament

  • In Chess, 17-year-old Indian prodigy, Dommaraju Gukesh made history as the youngest-ever player to win the FIDE Candidates tournament in Toronto.
  • Gukesh held fellow title contender Hikaru Nakamura of USA to a draw with black pieces but his fate was sealed on the other board where Ian Nepomniachtchi and Fabiano Caruana battled for 109 moves before agreeing to a draw.
  • Gukesh became the youngest-ever Candidates Tournament champion, beating Garry Kasparov’s record, who was 20 years of age when he won this tournament in 1984.
  • Praggnanandhaa defeated Nijat Abasov while Vidit Gujrathi agreed to a draw against Alireza after barely five minutes at the board.
Published date : 22 Apr 2024 05:31PM

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