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Annual Statistics Olympiad Organized By AIMSCS

Annual Statistics Olympiad Organized By AIMSCS

CR Rao Annual Statistics Olympiad(AIMSCS) 2024 in Hyderabad will be conducting the 14th statistics Olympiad examination across the country. The Olympiad to extract and encourage students’ talent in mathematics and statistics. Statistics Olympiad will be conducted online as an objective exam, lasting for 90 minutes. Those Qualified in Prelims will be eligible for Finals.

The competition is held for two levels:

a. Junior Level: Class VIII, IX, X
b. Senior Level: Class XI, XII, and Undergraduates (All Disciplines)

Exam dates: 28th jan, 3rd and 4th feb
Duration: 90min
Exam pattern : online
Registration Fee : Rs 150

Cash prizes
1st prize: RS 25,000
2nd prize: RS 20,000
3rd prize: RS 15000
4th prize: RS 10,000
5th prize: RS 5,000

More details visit :

Published date : 18 Jan 2024 03:05PM

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