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Asian Students: Essay Writing Tips That Will Ease an ESL Student’s Life

English is a complicated language, even for native speakers. If you’re a second language learner, especially a second-language learner originating in an Asian language, English can be extraordinarily difficult to master because of the linguistic differences between different Asian languages and English. Most Asian languages, for example, like Chinese and Japanese are hieroglyphic-based or have a symbol that represents an object or idea whereas English has 26 letters that combine to make varying sound combinations that represent an object or ideas.

Another major difference between the Asian languages and English is the use of articles, prepositions, and even gendered nouns. Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese don’t have pronouns that relate the gender of the subject like she or he, whereas English does. A, an, and the, or articles, are also missing in most Asian languages and are commonly used to construct English sentences. Further, English has prepositions (up, down, sideways, near, above, etc.) which can be overly complex for even native-speakers of English to master and prove especially hard for Asian-first English language-learners as some of the differences, like between in and on, are arbitrary and hard to define even for experts in English grammar.

But mastering English as a second language for Asian language students isn’t impossible. Here are three great ways to master English if you are an Asian student learning the language:

Writing Guides
One of the best guides for English language learners is the The ESL Writer’s Handbook 2nd Edition by Janine Carlock, Maeve Eberhardt, Jamie Horst, and Lionel Menasche which provides a great hefty reference for people who want to learn English grammar well. If you’re not sure if an “A” or a “The” belongs in the sentence, they have a section for that. If you aren’t sure if you should be using “in” or “on” a chair, they have a section for that with detailed rationales for language learners to see the nuances in each word used.

For a quick reference guide, one you can have out in class for in-class writing assignments or something lighter to pack into your backpack instead of a book, this ESL and EFL Grammar SparkChart is a handy little guide with most every grammatical rule you’ll need present.

The best way to write correctly is to know the rules of writing. While grammar in English and Asian languages vary (as does grammar amongst Asian languages), learning the grammatical rules of English and the structures that underlie the English language is as easy as cracking open a book.

Practice makes perfect, and the best way to master a language is to practice that language. If you wanted to practice your pronouns and prepositions, for example, there’s English Pronouns and Prepositions 2nd Edition by Ed Swick that can provide you with solid instruction and good practice to master these two parts of English that aren’t part of Asian languages.

For more advanced students, the ESL Intermediate/Advanced Grammar workbook by Mary Ellen Munoz Page provides page after page of grammar help which includes pronouns and prepositions but also adverbs, adjectives, verbs, conjunctions, and more.

If you’re learning English and note that you have a specific issue you’re having problems mastering, a quick Google search can find a workbook right for you to help master the English language.

Essay Writing Services
You aren’t yet an expert at writing, but there are services out there that employ fantastic, native-speaking English writers that can actually help you improve your ability to master English. First and foremost, when you reach out to writing services online for getting custom papers written by someone professional, you are seeing a great example of what a paper written in English should look like in that field.

Need an example of a biology paper? They’ll have a native-speaking English biology expert write a paper which will provide you with a phenomenal example of that. Aren’t sure what to write for your political science class? Of course not, not only is English not your first language, but American politics are still foreign to you (as well as other Americans who just don’t pay attention to politics).

Academic essay writing services provide someone with the background knowledge and grammatical skills to show you, no matter what the genre of writing is or what the assignment may be a perfect assignment. While this might not be a long-term solution, it can help with your early assignments and give you the examples needed to start writing yourself in these genres and execute a flawless writing assignment later on your own.

Good Apps
While books are useful, they are also cumbersome and take up space in what can already be a very heavy backpack. Plus, if you forget your grammar book or workbook at home one day, you can be left at a disadvantage in class and on other writing assignments.

That’s where technology can save the day. Apps like Grammarly or Merriam-Webster Dictionary can provide you with the basics you need to write well in English in class with nothing out but your phone.

Other apps like Quizlet or DuoLingo can help you practice your English skills either through making flashcards (Quizlet) or by immersing yourself in the English language and practicing both written and oral skills.

While English is never an easy language to master for second-language learners, coming from an Asian language background can leave students at a disadvantage. Through the tips provided above, that disadvantage can be thwarted and Asian language students looking to learn to write in English can master the skills necessary to succeed.
Published date : 15 Jul 2019 01:14PM