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Career in Mobile Computing and Wireless Technology

With the growing pace of communication and globalization, sources of data communication have been growing in all the sectors. Now days, one of the fast growing spot in the stream of communication is the Wireless and Mobile Technology. The Mobile Phone Companies whether GSM or CDMA, are providing lucrative services at affordable prices to the consumers. The mobile phone companies are doing lot of research in enhancing their services to attract new customers. According to one news report, India is one of the World’s fastest growing mobile phone markets. As per TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), figures as on April 6, 2011, there were 791.38 million mobile phone subscribers in India. India is likely to become World’s Number 1 Mobile Market by 2013 with more than a billion Mobile Users. The number of broadband connections in India has seen a continuous growth since the beginning of 2006. As on Feb 2011, the total number of broadband and Internet users in the country has reached 11.47 million, constituting 0.9% of the population. These figures and statistics of the Indian Telecommunication Industry with around 100 Mobile Phone Operators look very lucrative and obviously tremendous job opportunities are available for engineers and scientists in this stream.
Mobile and Wireless technology has become a fire wave of the future to benefit every aspect of our life including business, personal, education, medical, entertainment as well as global communication.

More than sixty percent of the world’s population has gone mobile using stylish and excellent featured handsets, computers, laptops, net books, palmtops, personal digital assistants, tablets, smart phones with GPS devices and wireless terminals. These equipments are delivered with WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G services, virtual private networks and other advanced communications technologies.

The job opportunities in this stream are not restricted to the manufacturing, repair, maintenance of mobile handsets but lot of career options are available which are generally not given too much importance.

The career options in the wireless and mobile technologies include:
  • Mobile Phone System Engineer
  • Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile Applications Developer
  • Mobile Applications Testing Specialist
  • IPAD Developer
  • Game Developer
  • Mobile Architect / Mobile Software Platform Architect
  • Mobile Technicians
  • Mobile Plant Equipment Mechanic
  • Telecommunications Tower Installation and Maintenance Engineer
  • Mobile Security Expert
  • Mobile Phone Verification Manager
  • Mobile Architect
  • Customer Care Officer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Engineer.
Education and Qualifications for joining career in mobile technology
The stream of Mobile and Wireless Computing is specialization and expertise oriented. This stream requires candidate to possess an Engineering Degree with specialization in Mobile Computing, Wireless, Tele-communications or any other streams related specifically with Networking. In many cases, CCNACCNP could be an option.

Some of the educational qualifications required to join the stream of mobile and wireless computing are:
  • B.E./B.Tech. in Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • M.Tech. Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Diploma Holders in Electronics and Communications Engineering
  • Certificate in Mobile Technology
  • Certification in Wireless Networking
  • Associate of Science in Mobile Technology
  • Associate degree in Mobile Communications Technology
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mobile And Networks Engineering
  • Master’s degree in Information Technology—Mobility
  • Master’s degree program in Mobile Technology and Business
  • Learning Design and Technology Masters Program (Education)
  • Ph.D. with specialization in Telecommunications, Wireless Networks, Mobile Computing, Mobility, Security, Wireless Sand Networking.
The career in mobile and wireless workforce is very demanding now a days. Escalating use of wireless devices such as smart phones, notebooks, cell phones and laptops has generated motivation as well as competition to ensure these tools function effectively and securely.

Following are some of the job profiles in Wireless and Mobile Communications:
Mobile Application Developer
Technical Requirements and Job Description
  • In-depth knowledge and experience in HTML 5.
  • Strong Knowledge of Java Script, Object Oriented Java Script and Jquery
  • Basic understanding of Android SDK
  • Experience in an Innovation and Research team
  • Exposure to programming using J2ME, Android/IPhone application SDK’s
  • Understanding of Bluetooth, Wireless Data Link Layer, including WLAN, Wi-Fi and WiMAX
  • Research Oriented towards mobile network protocols, including GSM, 2.5G and 3G
  • Well aware or the latest advancements in mobile technologies and implementation
  • Aptitude to analyze and develop algorithms for mobile applications
  • Hands-on experience in the identification, discovery, evaluation and in-depth analysis of security issues of the various mobile software platforms.
Sharepoint and Mobile Expert:
Technical Requirements and Skills Required
  • Experience on Microsoft Share Point 2007/2010
  • Should be having in depth knowledge of workflows, solutions, templates, Integration of Sharepoint with other applications.
  • Detailed Knowledge in ASP.Net, ADO. Net, C#, SQL, Silver Light
  • Experience in K2 Blackpearl, Connect etc. preferred
  • Mobile Apps Development Skills and Research Oriented
  • Well versed with MOSS 2007, WSS 3.0 and Microsoft Share-Point Foundation 2010
  • Workflow automation using Info Path, custom web part development and document management, features development
  • WSS building blocks such as Features, application pages, site pages, Web Parts, custom list types, site columns, content types, custom workflows and site definitions
  • Info Path forms design and publishing, BDC, excel calculation services and shared services.
Mobile User Interface Designer
  • Experience in designing and prototyping UI is mandatory. Should be able to deliver the changing customer requirements
  • Should have knowledge of all emerging technologies
  • Should have excellent written and oral communication
  • Web design experience
  • Ability to create rapid and high-fidelity wireframes
  • Experience of working on mobile application design — mobile web, iPhone, Android.
Mobile Repair Engineer
  • Diploma in Electronics and Communications Engineering is needed or Fresh Engineering Graduates
  • Sound knowledge in Basic Electronics
  • Thorough knowledge in mobile phone repair at component level
  • Good rework skill at component level like BGA, Micro BGA ICs replacement
  • Good knowledge in Fault Analysis and Removal techniques
Mobile Multimedia Engineer
  • Basic technical requirements are: Image processing and computer vision algorithms.
  • Coding in C/C++, Matlab Specific knowledge in the following areas is a plus: Machine learning and Pattern recognition, Optical character recognition Object detection and tracking algorithms
  • Additional skills: Strong programming skills, Strong communication and presentation skills.
J2ME Mobile Programmer
  • Experience in J2ME App development required
  • Familiarity with game development & design process
  • Knowledge of mobiles and Mobile gaming industry
  • Highly skilled J2ME Developer who will be responsible for developing high quality mobile games
  • Candidate should have experience in game development
iPhone Trainee / Android Trainee/Blackberry Trainee
  • Should to have excellent communication skill
  • Willingness to learn and take up new challenges
  • Candidate must have strong knowledge of C & C++ & JAVA
  • Interested candidates can walk in with their resume and walk out with offer!!
  • Should have excellent communication skill
  • Willingness to learn and take up new challenges
  • Candidate must have strong knowledge of C & C++ & JAVA
  • Interested candidates can walk in with their resume and walk out with offer!!
iPhone/Android Developer
  • Develop and maintain the iPhone application code base
  • Detailed knowledge of applications development on Android
  • Rapid prototyping and implementation of iPhone applications
  • Mentor and improve the team’s technical skills
  • Work in small, focused, engineering teams to create and develop new iPhone Apps
  • Experience with Objective-C/Cocoa, Xcode / Interface Builder
  • Expertise in creating well-defined iPhone User Interfaces
  • Detailed Knowledge of iPhone SDK including SQLight database
  • Experience working with Wireframes.
Mobile Games Programmer
  • Mobile games developer is responsible for developing interactive games for various mobile handsets. Mobile games are downloaded very frequently from the server and cloud service providers.
  • To join any organization as game developer, the candidate should be very good in programming and logic development. Moreover, the detailed knowledge of multimedia applications are required to be successful in the stream.
  • Candidates with Bachelor’s degree in engineering or science can join this stream.
Technical Requirements and Skills
  • To review game specifi-cations, technical analysis & control implementation to ensure adequate balance
  • To maintain, build & evolve the porting processes & systems in partnership with Technology team
  • Expertise in multi development programming languages C,C++, Obj C
  • Detailed knowledge and skills in software design and OO concepts
  • Good Knowledge of 20/30 Graphics engines/libraries like OPEN GL ES.
Mobile Testing Engineer
Mobile Testing & QA Team in the organization keeps track of the bugs, complaints as well as removal or existing problems. Candidates with strong knowle-dge and testing along with a passion for quality and customer satisfaction are required
  • Should have exposure to UI Layer Testing of VAS / Telecom domain
  • Must have worked on technologies like SMSC, MMSC, WAP, Mobile devices etc.
  • People with telecom, mobile applications and product development background are highly preferred
  • Should have demonstrated consistent performance during current and previous assignments and have averifiable track record of experience
  • Telecom testing background preferably in VAS. Must have worked on testing tools and good knowledge of scripting languages with 2 - 6 years of experience
  • Domain-Mobile, Operating System -Android, Languages -Java Script, CSS, Protocols – HTTPS Mandatory Requirement Android, Java Script, CSS, HTTPS, Project Details Browser testing, Test page creation, Browser knowledge( JS, CSS, HTTP etc).
Mobile Security and Surveillance Expert
Mobile security and surveillance professionals keep track and record each and every activity related to their network. It involves the maintenance and analysis of log files generated on regular basis as millions of customers use their network for calls and messaging.

Technical Requirements and Skills
  • Test and implement mobile applications
  • Good understanding of Android, Blackberry, iPhone technologies
  • Strong knowledge in some focused areas in Android like Application Components, Security
  • Good understanding on simulator and proxy server
  • End-to-end synchronized testing of Mobile Application
  • Knowledge of high-end mobile devices and its supported simulators
  • Security testing of mobile application using any tools
  • Preparing technical and design documents
  • Provide feedback on specific issues/improvement areas
  • Discuss the application features and functionalities
  • Preparing functional specification and design documents and user manuals
  • Review and do code walkthrough
  • Discuss and implement best practices on the following aspects of the application:
    1. General functionality
    2. User Interface
    3. Quality
    4. Performance
    5. Security
    6. Scalability
    7. Reliability
    8. High availability
  • Coordination for application testing on the following areas:
    1. General functionality
    2. Load / Stress testing
    3. Performance testing
    4. Security
    5. General quality
  • Conduct application walkthrough
  • Assist in doing UAT
  • Take and act on the specific feedback on functionality, user interface, performance etc.
  • Desired Candidate Profile
    1. MBA/MCA from a reputed university / institution
    2. Certification from MS, is a plus point
    3. 3 to 4 years in building and managing web applications using PHP and MySQL
    4. 2 to 3 years in developing mobile / tablet applications, Mobile browser, WAP applications on Android, iOS etc.
    5. Optional: Experience in Mobile WAP, Mobile Applications (Java based, iPhone and Blackberry), Mobile Games, and Web projects for GSM/GPRS and CDMA based Handsets
    6. Knowledge of Web / Mobile Widgets, x-Commerce (B2B, B2C), x-Business Intelligence, and Enterprise Applications, DRM
    7. Exposure on UI development
    8. Strong knowledge of .PHP , XML, AJAX & MySQL
    9. Hands on exposure to building Web services using SOA
    10. Good knowledge of T SQL
  • The main areas currently being addressed are Surveillance Systems, Ruggedisation, Marine Systems, Communication Systems & Networks, Night Vision Devices, Mobile Surveillance Vehicle Systems and Homeland Security Systems. In this context, the position provides critical technical support to the various projects in the Mobile Surveillance Vehicle Systems domain.
Key Objectives of the Job
  • Development, System integration and completing customer acceptance trials for various Mobile Surveillance Vehicle Systems and related projects.
Major Deliverables
  • Understanding customer requirements.
  • Solution Architecture & Design
  • Assist in project costing and preparation of the technical proposals
  • Attending customer meetings and convincing the customer on the design
  • Co-ordinating with vendors/ subcontractors
  • Astute Project Management Skills to ensure on time completion of the project at an optimal cost while maintaining quality
  • Be able to ensure delivery and acceptance by the customer
  • Desired Candidate Profile
  • 5 years of experience in delivering Mobile Surveillance Upgrade Projects.
  • Should have passion for technology and exhibit high energy to drive a team of highly motivated individuals to deliver Mobile Surveillance Solutions.
  • Experience in leading a team of 5-10 members.
  • Experience in working with multi-site cross-functional and cross-business teams.
  • Proven ability to collaborate with both technical and non-technical staff (including vendors).
  • Cross-functional project execution leadership including concept discussion, program execution, prototyping, design validation, and release to production
  • Reconnaissance and Surveillance Vehicles
  • Vectronics
  • Understanding of functioning of electro mechanical system and on board power system management
  • Having a thorough understanding of QA & QC procedures
  • Sound knowledge of system integration and interoperability issues
  • Sound knowledge of requirements of the defence systems
  • Sound knowledge of EMI/ EMC requirements of defence systems
  • Knowledge of storage and maintenance
  • Confident, self-driven, with proven track record of accelerated growth in previous organizations.
The world has become increasingly reliant on computer systems and networks; specifically, mobile interfaces and systems are becoming particularly important. As a result of this popularity, many companies are willing to pay top dollar for qualified and creative specialists in mobile computing.
  • Mobile Solution Specialist
    This particular career might require you to act as part of a ‘think-tank’ (as part of an organization, or privately contracted) that specializes in developing new product and marketing ideas. Proposed salary is $64,000 per year. Job growth is predicted to push slightly above their current levels.
  • Mobile Application Developer
    Design and develop software programs, games, etc., for a variety of platforms. This career may come in the form of a large corporation, private company or personal business. Proposed salary is $72,000 per year. Lots of proposed growth predicted in this field over the next decade.
  • Mobile Computing Analyst
    Study, research, and gather data on trends regarding the usage of mobile-related communication devices; and make decisions based on what the data indicates. Proposed salary is $66,000 per year. More and more companies are becoming reliant on top notch analysts to make important decisions.
  • Mobile Computing OS developer
    Develop specialized operating systems for specific product lines. Proposed salary is $70,000 per year. Mobile companies are always on the lookout for talented OS developers to take part in the development of their latest designs.
  • Network Administration
    Monitor and maintain networks, systems and security for organizations of any field of business or endeavor. Proposed salary is $78,000 per year. There will continue to be significant growth and demand in this field for dependable and accredited individuals.
Gaurav Kumar, Computer Science Professor
Published date : 03 Dec 2011 03:43PM

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