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-An Article By Shachi Maheshwari
Career GuidanceTime and now we have learnt that we are equipped with all the strengths we need in life, to do what we aspire to do. Ample number of times we have been advised to generate or learn new skills to encompass our horizons in our terrains.

If we have all the strengths within us, then precisely all the skills lay within us; then why do we need to work on skills and learn them from outside?

The answer to this irony lies in the paradox itself. When we grow up we are unaware about our strengths because we have not started applying all of them. Whatever a little we apply, we realize that we are equipped with those strengths.

Skills for implementation
When we grow we apply our relationship skills, grooming skills, handling skills, independent working skills, decision making skills, execution skills, organizing skills etc., but to the limited extent of how much has been really tried and used. An opportunity itself may be missing in case of many to learn half of these skills due to so many reasons. In that case a person remains unaware about his strengths.

After having grown up, the person develops a notion that he can’t do certain things as he ever tried it or he is scared of trying new things, which he is not sure of handling them.

As a human being certain strengths are defined to have been achieved at a particular age, so a person is forced to work on them whether he is scared or even if he has not tried them. But for an average person at least sixty percent of the skills remain covered by his inhibition or lack of opportunity. The tendency of human beings is that something which stretches them far, they refrain from doing that or even trying those things.

Achieving without knowledge
You will agree that sometimes we perform a task which we never thought we are capable of doing and could do that very efficiently. This is not just because we got an opportunity but also because we tried it with open and positive mind without putting any doubts for its outcome. The moment we start something with a doubt we start finding all sorts of hurdles approaching us.

There is a famous saying on this- “If you DO NOT WANT to do something, you have hundred reasons and excuses to NOT TO DO that and for something you WANT TO DO you will have thousand reasons TO DO.”

It is just because you want to do it.
Hold for an affirmation that will make you understand this. Every time you are confronted with something you feel is difficult or you are doubtful to perform, just repeat these affirmations number of times till it washes off your doubts and gives you a clean slate to do the job with an open and positive mind. This simple theory works wonderfully in everything you do whether you are supposed to do something you are doubtful of or are not so keen on to do the job.

Affirmation –
I will be able to do it.
I can do it.
It is easy for me to do it.
Universe will help me do it wonderfully.

It is not about strength and skills most of the times. It is about the state of mind with which you start something to do. Ninety nine times out of hundred this theory works for you. If it has not worked, be aware that you might not be repeating the affirmations enough with a positive state of mind.

Well, I don’t deny that certain strengths and skills emerge while certain difficult ones will still need to be worked on to achieve them. Here is a step by step way to know whether you have done your bit to generate your strengths and skills.

When you are confronted with a situation of doing something you think you can’t do:
STEP 1 -
Ask yourself “Do you want to try doing it?”Just in case you feel that you might regret not trying at all. If you get a yes, go to the next step.

STEP 2 – Repeat these affirmations at least 10 times and as and when you feel you are doubtful while doing it. If you have done that, get to the next step.

STEP 3 – Do it. If it happens, be proud you could do it and be grateful that universe supported you. If you are not able to do, try to apply it at least for 3 more such situations before you decide this does not work for you. If out of 3, it works twice it is working for you.

STEP 4 – If it does not work for you 2 times or more out of 3, understand that this work will need your additional skills and strengths, which need to be learnt professionally.

All above steps need to be honestly applied if you want to generate or unveil your skills and strengths, which lie within you dormant state without your knowledge.

Life is all about applying what you learn… so what are you waiting for… apply the above theory now because –
“Time is just there for now. Postponing anything leads to giving a no to opportunities to try and denying opportunities means losing more time. Use time optimally and try your best to unveil all your strengths and skills.”

Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 1/19/2018 5:00:00 PM

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