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-An Article By Shachi Maheshwari
Career GuidanceWhat does a target consist of?
What kinds of efforts are required for any target?
What is a connected effort?
What will happen if the efforts are unconnected?
A target is an aim or a goal that a person sets for himself from time to time in life. Though the strategies to achieve the goal might vary from time to time, but overall the goal per say does not change much. The critical intakes and action plans might change for intensified or loose approach to different executions but the clear goal in mind and intension is what makes a goal truly a well thought and to be achieved target for a person.

Every thought, discussion, opinion, suggestion, action, non-action, that is required or not required to be done to achieve your target, comes under the purview of “Efforts required for the Target”.

Any of the above efforts which take you forward in the direction of achieving your target is your connected effort towards that journey.

Efforts which are not well thought; or those which lead to non action or an action in a direction other than your target, is an unconnected effort. If the doings or non-doings don’t fetch any results towards the direction of any kind, for your goal, they are truly unconnected.

Some would wonder:
How to set a target or a goal?
Why is it a must to set a goal or a target?
Why is it not okay to have no target in life?
Having a target is like having a light on your road of life. Without a target or goal there is no purpose of doing anything. A purpose or direction is what makes your life meaningful. If not today, tomorrow; if not tomorrow, later after some time you will realize the need to have a meaningful life. A life is meaningful when you make most out of your existence. Take some instances of those to make it clearer:
  • Professional achievements
  • Personal relationships
  • Social adherences
  • Self development
  • Giving back to the society
  • Getting to the excellence for your own self
  • Make good your dreams
  • Help others achieve their dreams
  • Make way to a new beginning for a cause whether social or political
  • Giving your time to service of any kind

The list is endless. The best judge to decide on a goal is the person himself. No one else can choose a purpose for us. Earlier you choose the better it would be. You might go through a series of phases for refining your defined target and improvise on them from time to time; but that’s okay. One step at a time will open up new avenues and doors for the scope to move further and then continue your movement in the direction of your goal.

The target and the respective efforts
Target: To get through to the best MBA Institute
He needs to gather his thoughts to find which ones are the best, what is his caliber, what he needs to add to his capability, which are the support mentorship plans, what all he would need to think, discuss, do, find, execute to get that target will all form part of his connected efforts without which he cannot achieve that target.

Target: To become a CEO of a company
He will have to work through different companies to learn the acumen required to reach there, to gain experience on business, markets, finance, decision making, leadership, team work and exhibit the same over a period of time to finally achieve the target. All those connected efforts only will drive him there; he can’t reach there if he is putting more energy on unconnected efforts.

Every person aiming for a meaningful life and be proud of himself, must have a target and inspire himself to make as many connected efforts as required. An intention in this direction itself will open up new mentors and ways for achieving those targets.

“Everything else can be driven by you but - being positive, getting inspired by your dreams and holding a clear vision of your target are the pre-requisites to achieve your goal and in turn a meaningful life.”

Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 11/3/2017 5:05:00 PM

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