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Adapt latest skills to have bright future - Prof. BVR Chowdary, Executive Director, NTU- Singapore

Career Guidance
Bright future for continuous learner
"In the present day situation, one should be a continuous learner to have a bright future", says Singapore's world famous Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Executive director, Material Science and Engineering Expert… Professor BVR Chowdary. He did his graduation with Science from Andhra University. PhD from IIT- Kanpur, Doctorate in Literature from Mangalore University.  He worked in many international educational institutions like, Pennsylvania and Zurich Universities and now he is serving as executive director for NTU- Singapore. Mr. Chowdary opines to have international exchange programmes for students at research level, interlinking of foreign educational institutions etc. Here, he shares his thoughts exclusively with Sakshi.
It is very necessary to interlink our educational institutions in present scenario. For this, universities, higher educational institutes have to go for exchange programmes with foreign universities. It is a welcome measure that IITs and major educational institutes have already taking steps in that direction. Remaining Universities have to adapt this attitude.  We should plan accordingly. It results not only in increasing the awareness of international education in students, but also gets a chance for them to know the actual scenario.
Academic Collaboration
Our domestic universities should collaborate with foreign universities. It will be very useful for the students if the collaborations are at research level. For academic   collaboration in PhDs, doctoral programmes, we should approach foreign universities. This will give an opportunity to students to work and interact with the foreign expert teams. It will pave the way for inventions of international level. It will also make the students to know and mingle with persons of different nations and divergent cultural backgrounds. It will definitely help them in their careers while working for MNCs.

Incentives from the graduation level
Students of Engineering, Technology, and Sciences should have the research oriented attitude from the graduation level itself.  For this, students should be encouraged by providing financial assistance. In our country, incentives are being given to students at PhD level. But it should be given from the graduation level to motivate them to research side. It will help students to have patience. It results in emerging more number of scientists. In the same way, if the dual degrees are introduced at the PG level, number of students who opt research as their career will also increase. With this concept, we introduced joint doctoral programmes at doctoral level with foreign institutes with the name global connect in NTU. In this process, we approached IITs in India. Recently, we signed an agreement with IIT-Madras.

Acquiring job ready skills
To acquire job skills, students should be self-motivated and hard working. Changes are to be made in curriculum according to the situation. Especially, priority should be given to practicality and field work.  If credits are given for field work, students will tend to develop their skills at ground level.

Interdisciplinary approach
In this corporate age, having skills in particular area is not sufficient. Because everyone has to co-ordinate with the remaining fields while working. For this, inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary courses are to be designed. It will help them to acquire social attitude along with core skills. This approach should be widely implemented in India also.

Rankings will improve
Collaborations with foreign universities will not only benefit students but the institutions also. Especially institutes will get chances to get world rankings. Collaborations will not only increase the research activities, but also can attract foreign students.

Continuous learning
One should become a continuous learner whether they are students or employees. They should move ahead by observing and adapting the latest trends in their fields. Lack of this attitude results in the lack of employability skills. One should be a continuous learner to have a bright future.
Published on 10/12/2018 3:42:00 PM

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